I really wanted a place where I could put up original content.

I’ve attempted putting up recipes on Tumblr before but they’re easily lost on the dashboard. I don’t really have a place where people can see what I’m up to.

I like food. I like science. I like music.

If you could picture those things at the centre and lots of arrows pointing to subcategories. Arts, theatre, events, books, Brisbane.

Pig Pen is a Peanuts character who is always covered in dirt and flies. Sort of like my thoughts.

So expect a weird amalgamation of semi-related things on this blog that cover all my interests. I can’t really have one solid theme. I like too many things. Not a Facebook ‘like’ – those don’t have a meaning anymore – I just have a variety of interests. This also means I have a tendency to be all over the place, AT THE SAME TIME.

It’ll feature things that are happening around Brisbane, what music I enjoy, gigs and shows that I’m attending, possibly even review them as capitalised, short reviews, sometimes flourished with bold and underline font options, that’ll make you wish you were there (‘X BAND’ – AMAZING or AMAZING). I’ll post about up coming festivals and markets, sales that you don’t want to miss out on, free events around Brisbane. Basically things that I want to share in further details than 140-character tweets.

There’ll be recommendations of places to eat, I’ll review restaurants that I’ve eaten at (I do this a lot, eat out that is), I like to think of myself as someone who eats not necessarily healthily but balanced so I’ll mention interesting things I learn about nutrition,  recipes of dishes that I’ve made up on the spot/from nothing, out of the dark corners of the bookshelf that we use as kitchen shelves.

Even sneaky things like what’s the best bus to catch to places you may not have explored before around Brisbane (this may be an excuse for me to go exploring). I’m super pro-bus; trains, on the other hand, I just don’t understand you.

Ahead: Happy, confusing days.

Hi, nice to write for you.


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