Café Scientifique – SO WHO’S COMING WITH ME?

You say, “What? An event that involves science, food, cocktails, music and art? They exist?”. Yes, and it’s all happening in Brisbane!

Join us for the closing event ceremony for National Science Week and the launch of Queensland’s first Café Scientifique. From The Science of Cocktails (exhibition, performance and tastings), live music, science photography exhibitions and “scientifique” canapés designed to translate cocktails to edibles.

What: Closing Ceremony National Science Week, & launch of Queensland’s first Café Scientifique.

Where: Collector’s Café, Queensland Museum, South Bank

When: August 18, 7-9pm

Who: Queensland Chief Scientist, Dr Geoff Garret will officially close National Science Week and Dr Ian Galloway, CEO of Queensland Museum will launch Café Scientifique. A veritable who’s who of Queensland science, arts and culture will be present. Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to mix it up with the some of Queensland’s brightest and most creative minds.

Cost: $35. Tickets are strictly limited. 18+ event

Rub shoulders with other scientists (such as yours truly) whilst sipping on delectable cocktails such as:

  • Death In The Afternoon – Where absinthe, effervescence and Hemingway collide
    The evening begins with an induction into the mystery behind absinthe and its reputation as a psychic active substance. Also on the menu is the science behind effervescence and a short history of Ernest Hemingway’s influence on cocktail culture.
  • Stirred Not Shaken – Liquid nitrogen and the future of martinis
    The night continues onto an academic review of the classic gin martini, why to stir and not to shake and how scientific methods are beginning to be used behind bars to create more consistent and engaging cocktails.
  • Breakfast Martini Delight – An aromatic blend
    Experience the delicate aromatics and botanicals in this final cocktail presentation which highlights the incredible influence the sense of smell has on taste. Dry ice will certainly be involved!

Queensland Museum event link and National Science week event link. Tickets can be purchased online.

I really look forward to the launch of a science-themed cafe in Brisbane and can’t wait to see what they feature on the menu. I’m hoping for some mind-boggling gastronomical delights with the canapes on the night already pitched to be featuring chilli-inspired space dust cocoa beans and juniper soused air-dried venison.




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