Undress Brisbane – October 13

Undress Brisbane is a vintage and sustainable fashion event.

It’s the project of three young women who share a concern for sustainability in the fashion industry and a flair for hosting a great event.

Do you recycle and reuse? Often we make efforts to recycle cardboard and other waste materials. But like they say, every little bit counts. So consider your clothes. How sustainable are the clothes that you wear?

Although this event is not until October. For early birds, tickets are only $6 + bf this week (until Sunday 16 September).

After which tickets go up to $12 + bf, and $20 on the night – IF there are any left!

This infograph shows different sustainable elements. It is near impossible for a garment to be 100% sustainable. But tick one or more elements and at least you’re making an effort to making it count. And being more aware of what you’re wearing.

Unlike typical fashion shows, this runway features established and emerging sustainable designers. Ideas such as ‘no-waste’ collections, ‘food dyed’ garments, natural fibres, ethically sourced, unique pieces made from ‘off cuts’ as well as vintage items make their way to the spotlight.

Our aim is to motivate Brisbane fashion consumers to change the way they shop. One billion items of clothing are imported into Australia every year (from China alone). There are only 22 million of us. Where does the excess go? For every person in Australia, 32kg of clothing ends up in landfill.

Also on display in the carpark for your enjoyment:

  • Sustainable furniture exhibitions.
  • Tasty cocktails.
  • Live set by Kurt Sines.

Chinatown Carpark (Level 4)
31 Duncan St, Fortitude Valley

Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 7pm.

Find details on Facebook and on their website.

If you want to buy a ticket without any further info – who wouldn’t – get clicking!

Watch this video to preview the designers on the night! Undress Brisbane – 13 October 2012


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