Self-date #5

I am the Queen of self-dating. I have it organised to a tee.

I keep having more dates. There’s no other better company than you and your thoughts in a beautiful city. I love to explore and without the company of others, I can walk wherever I like, take a detour on a whim because basically – I DO WHAT I WANT. *snaps fingers in your face*

I am going to have to start documenting them more often.

So this is probably self date #5. Maybe.

I started doing them properly this year. I’m up to the stage in the relationship where I don’t particularly have to dress up fantastically to impress myself anymore.

Tonight kicked off with dinner at Taro’s Ramen & Cafe (400 Adelaide Street). This place has been let out of the bag and this previously unknown gem is being discovered by more and more people. Which is a great thing. Great food deserves exposure. I settle for red Tonkotsu ramen tonight, which is their famous Tonkotsu ramen with Bangalow sweet pork stock with a bit of a kick from chilli paste and strips of chilli, maybe even chilli oil. For the more adventurous, there is a dangerously red fire Tonkotsu ramen (which I will try next time). They serve their ramen with half a soy sauce-infused, perfectly cooked boiled egg (which I always want more of $1/extra half). The other great thing about this place is the 10% student discount on main meals. (Sorry, this isn’t a food review).

Red Tonkotsu Ramen from Taro’s Ramen and Cafe. This place has the best ramen in Brisbane! Only $15.90!

I enjoy a walk over to Metro Arts theatre to catch my first Brisbane Festival show, an hour-long theatre performance called Best We Forget, presented by isthisyours?, a talented South Australian theatre company. I’ve reviewed Best We Forget here.

Conveniently, my buses run hourly at night so this means I get to enjoy a stroll over the Victoria Bridge to suss out the Lantern Garden at night and catch the 8.30pm viewing for the City of Lights.

View of Cultural Forecourt, South Bank from Victoria Bridge.

Lantern garden lights up the Cultural Forecourt, South Bank.

City of Lights display: I failed to get an awesome shot of the lasers so you’ll have to go down in person to check it out! 7pm and 8.30pm on Sunday – Thursday. 7pm, 8pm and 9pm on Friday and Saturday.

My Brisbane Festival-themed self-date concludes on a high note at the Wunder Bar with Soema Montenegro*, an Argentinian female singer and her band who have never been to Australia before. The percussionist, who at one stage plays a teapot, has to translate the singer’s gratitude for the audience, who are mostly those who have stumbled from City of Lights and stopped to take in her wonderful (and controlled) vocal range. She sings in Spanish but she has such a voice it doesn’t matter!

Soema Montenegro from Argentina!

*As a side note, holy crap, that is one of the best designed band/artist websites I’ve seen in a while!

I must have another date soon!

When was the last time you treated yourself to date/outing by yourself?


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