Review: Zombatland (including discount code for $20 tickets)

The Suitcase Royale have come up from Melbourne to give us the tale of the mysterious going-ons at the Blue Lagoon Caravan Park.

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Population: 003. *gulp* 002.

Overrun by a recent bloody invasion of zombie wombats, the remaining residents must take back what is theirs. These creatures are human-eating, blood-thirsty and slightly sexy.

Their creative set pieces, a la junkyard style, work fantastically with this run-down Australian outback setting. Each set piece folds out or turns around showing that every last detail has been thought of to maximise their show. Who knew that a caravan could turn into a 3-piece band? Use of puppets, shadow puppets, crumpets, science dioramas and so much more continue to surprise the audience and leave them wondering “what will they pull out next?!”.

So what they accidentally broke a stage light with the famous crumpet gun, the show must go on! Their crazy antics continue to delight and they do not skip a beat. To boot, they are excellent musicians which they seamlessly use to their advantage.

The talented boys in their self-proclaimed “junkyard theatre company” bring a hilarious and inventive show packed with live music that leaves you singing along by the end of the show. In my case, I was left with a wet shoulder as my sister needed a shoulder as she cried tears of laughter.

With 4 remaining shows  in Brisbane (tomorrow 17 October – 20 October), make sure you quote “Blue Lagoon” at the box office for $20 tickets (save $10/$6).



17 October – 20 October, 8pm (70 minutes).

Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm

$20 if you quote “Blue Lagoon”. Buy tickets here.


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