My review on Some Dumb Play (read: That Amazing Play).

OffStreet Press

Some Dumb Play

Review by Kelly Wong

Sue Benner Theatre, Metro Arts, Tuesday 6 November

Some Dumb Play is ironic. It’s far from dumb. In fact, it pushes technological and theatrical boundaries. Their first preview night last Tuesday gave an insight into how theatre can be changed to adapt with the times. The preconceived idea that you can be entertained by only what writer-director, Nathan Sibthorpe, forces you to see is thrown out the window.

Do you have a smartphone? Yes? You can now change the course of the play.

Tap into the free Wi-Fi. You’re given three choices — to decide what song gets played next. As each person votes and the graph updates in real-time, it’s passive aggressiveness at its best. This could be a useful idea at your next house party. This pre-show gets the audience used to the voting system and builds audience participation. Unfortunately…

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