Sydney food holiday – Part 1.

Sydney is one of the cities I have never been to. I just haven’t. There’s lots of other places to go and family holidays tend to be overseas to see relatives.

For ages, my friend Ellery and I have been contemplating a food holiday. Somehow we settled on dates, booked flights, accommodation, and next thing you know, we’ve planned a holiday.

We like to eat out a lot in Brisbane. And I love exploring new cities. If you had be following me on Twitter, you probably unfollowed me as I tweeted my excitement in the lead up to this holiday. (Note: you can follow me again).


Afternoon drinks: Bulletin Place. This new bar has a hole-in-the-wall style, set right in the middle of the Sydney CBD, down a laneway, inbetween buildings. A cool, no-fussed place with a chilled vibe actually exists in the CBD. I was impressed. A trendy, dark exclusive bar and a daily changing cocktail menu this place fills quickly. Only opening just before Christmas, the owner is still testing the waters (even featuring a Business for Dummies book amongst the high end spirits). A bar snacks menu will be coming soon too. You can buy a drink for someone who isn’t there, write it on the butchers paper on the wall (Name – cocktail name) and they’ll be able to come in for that drink in the future. I LOVE this concept.
Bulletin Place on Urbanspoon

Thursday night: I went to see Against Me! play at Manning Bar. I really liked this venue. Mid-sized, intimate, and a tiered layout meant that a good view wasn’t hard to find!

Pre-gig dinner: KFC. Twister, plus chips, plus popcorn chicken and Mountain Dew. I was off to a good start on this holiday.


Today was predicted to be 39 deg, which later jumped up to reach a maximum of 45 deg. Crazy weather. My friends were off to Big Day Out so I got a day to myself.

Brunch: I had a chance to catch up with an internet friend in Darlinghurst/Paddington. At her suggestion, we went to Ampersand Cafe/bookstore. We both opt for something sweet – buttermilk pancakes with candied banana and strawberries, served with ice cream. I also get a chocolate milkshake which was also served with a scoop of ice cream. One can never have enough ice cream. Pancakes were a little on the thin side but perfect for my ever-increasing hips so I appreciated this. The candied banana slices made a delicious gummy, thick caramel-y syrup that went so well with the pancakes.
Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore, Paddington on Urbanspoon

Friday dinner: Was to be at Ms G’s. I walked ALL the way from the Powerhouse museum in Ultimo (of which I spent 4 hours at, it was a great museum!) to Kings Cross/Potts Point to find Ms G’s to be full. The waitress suggested I go upstairs to the bar and eat. Upon going up there were actually no free chairs and I didn’t want to stand at a bar which was (my) head height and eat off it [although in hindsight, it would have made eating possible without the need for hands].

I head back against stupidly strong wind (I had to hold onto a street pole at one point) to Hyde Park where the Honda Festival Garden as part of Sydney Festival was set up. Amongst the Spiegeltent, the teacup ride, free make-up tent, the cider bar, the rain, the wind, it was a pretty neat little event space.

From the kitchen, I order the Little Miss Piggy burger. Featuring two types of pork – porchetta and pan-fried pork belly, accompanied by mustard seeds, pineapple relish, rocket in a half-baguette. Plus fries. This was a huge meal and one of the tastier things I’ve had at a festival (although Chow Town at BDO I hear has been fantastic). Not the best – porchetta was dry, the pork belly not crisp, fat not rendered well. But still a really tasty combination with the pineapple relish, plus it IS festival food. I’d use this flavour combo/idea for something in future though. $18 and the most expensive item on the menu. Other items looked interesting too, i.e. mac and cheese bites ($10).

My Friday night ended with myself drinking a tallie of Coopers Pale Ale out of a teacup in bed.

End of Part 1.


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