Recipe: Chai tea porridge


I always get requests for my chai tea porridge and instead of tweeting the recipe every time someone asks I can just link them to this blog post now 🙂 It’s super easy and freaking delicious, especially in winter. It’s also super quick so it’s good for during the week as you get ready for work!

Makes 1 serving


  • Organic chai tea leaves (I use T2’s Chai)
  • 1/2 cup quick/microwavable oats – traditional oats can be used too, see notes!
  • 100mL milk – any varietyM
  • Organic honey


  1. Brew concentrated tea night before – use only 100mL of H2O. Cover and put in fridge.
  2. Add to oats in the morning with 100mL milk. Stir. Microwave/heat on stove according to packet instructions.
  3. Add honey to taste


Occasionally, I will use Alchemy’s Original Chai Elixir – which is a concentrated blend of organic tea, natural spice flavours, and cane sugar as a cheat if I haven’t brewed any tea the night before. The added bonus is that this comes from a Brisbane-based family-owned company!

If you prefer traditional oats, you’ll want to soak these in the concentrated tea the night before then carry on from step 2.

As always, I love adding extra things to make this more filling and healthy. Chopped fresh or dried fruit is super easy and tasty. I like adding shredded coconut to add an extra fibre boost too! Get creative!


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