Latin markets

Continuing on from my food goal this year to try new cultural foods (blogged here), I went to the Latin markets at the Jubilee Hotel carpark last Sunday. These markets run on the last Sunday of every month. You can follow them on their Facebook page for regular updates and more information.

It’s not very often that I go somewhere and I don’t know what I’m ordering! Lots of loud natives are all shouting to each other in Spanish and there isn’t much in the way of menus explaining what the dishes are. The very well-known food rule definitely applies here: if there are native eaters around, then you’re in the right place.

It was a tough decision but my boyfriend and I settled on these:

We tried their new Bandeja paisa (red bean, beef mince, fried plantain, pork and chorizo!) and seafood empanadas. They had a few technical difficulties with their deep fryer so there was a bit of a tummy-grumbling wait! It was worth it! They have two sauces – a garlic mayo and a jalepeno/chilli/vinegary sauce. Both delicious! They were on the oily side, but, hey, it was the weekend. I could afford to work it off during the weekdays 😉

There was a bakery stall with heaps of interesting looking pastries and rolls – coconut bread rolls, a puff pastry with fresh cream and a caramel sauce layer – many things that I’ve never seen or heard of before! A lot of them could be bought individually or as take-home multi-packs. We settled on Pastelitos de guayaba – a tasty roll that reminded me of a croissant filled with guava paste with a sugar glaze on top. Not-too-sweet and flaky, it was perfect for afternoon tea.

Other stalls included:

  • Very authentic looking tacos – they carved the meat off a giant doner kebab vertical spit!
  • There was also MariaPalitos, selling gourmet marshmallows and ice pops.
  • Steak + chips + salad!
  • Buns filled with meats, plantain, vegetables
  • Even a clothes stall selling imported Latin brands!

There’s Latino music playing in the background too just to put you in the mood!

I will definitely be returning to try them all!


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