The Crosstown Eating House

I have a confession to make. I haven’t previously eaten at any of the restaurants at the Gabba dining precinct despite living a 15-minute walk away. I’ve visited plenty of times and I’ve been to Canvas on numerous occasions to enjoy their award winning cocktails. But I’ve just never had the occasion or time to dine at any of the favourites. [Edit: I’ve just remember I’d eaten at the takeaway shop a few months ago.. barely worth mentioning].

In a short amount of time, I ended up at Crosstown Eating House twice.

At the end of July, a friend decided to have her birthday dinner and drinks at Crosstown Eating House. I jumped on the chance to finally check this place out. She had booked out the courtyard area, however, one too many people turned up and the courtyard became cramp and a nightmare to eat as there weren’t enough tables. Still, I was impressed by the succinct (9 varieties) cocktail menu keeping all the classics, martinis, mojitos, bloody Marys and Pimm’s cups (my favourite)!

My boyfriend and I returned to have a midweek lunch about two weeks ago.

It was a lovely day and the waitress suggested that we sit in the courtyard. With natural lighting coming through the skylights and the colourful paint with hanging pot plants and vines (and no one else around), it was beautiful. It was like our own private dining space!

They have a separate lunch and dinner menu with lunches ranging from $16.50-$25. A little more expensive than I’d normally pay for lunch, you couldn’t do this everyday. This courtyard as well as the rest of the restaurant is quite spacious and not cramped. There’s a variety of small to large tables to accommodate all sorts of groups.

Back to the food.

Firstly, before I go into any other detail, I feel like this needs to be pointed out on it’s own merit. Generous French fries. Just look at those glorious mounds of skinny, golden, crunchy fries. No soggy sad fries here. It doesn’t cost much to thrown on a generous amount of fries; potatoes are dirt cheap. So this is already a bonus plus. Places that serve an amount of individual fries that I can count make me *sad*.

The boyfriend went for the cheeseburger with pickles, french fries and garden salad ($18.50). He claims that this is one of the better cheeseburgers he’s ever had, with cheese melted over a juicy beef pattie and held together with a toasted brioche bun. At first, it looks a little small but there’s more than MEATS the eye. This little bad boy will fill you up and the boy has a big appetite! A serve of salad on the side is also great. When you’ve got a burger that’s piled up high, the last thing you need is salad to mess up the order of meat that sticks to cheese, pickles and the bun. Salad leaves just make that one slippery mess.

I couldn’t go past the sticky pork spare ribs with BBQ corn on the cob and fries ($21.50). What you can’t see in this picture is a lot of sweet stick sauce underneath the ribs. One thing that I really appreciated was that these weren’t just spare ribs that were slow cooked and then covered with a sauce. In those cases, you’re often eating more sauce than meat. Not here. These were marinated ribs that actually was perfectly sweet and sticky and moreish on their own. The sweet rib sauce/gravy served underneath was too much for me, I’d left a lot of it behind. The corn cob could’ve done with a bit more charring but it was covered in butter. No complaints from this butter fiend.

I love that we were given cutlery but this was truly a hands-on meal. Definitely prepare for this. For me, eating with my hands = more efficient food-to-mouth motions.

I’d really like to come try dinner here with most items sitting just under $30. The dinner food mostly consists of comfort food with a few modern twists. I’ve yet to go upstairs to their separate bar lounge area called Uptown which opens only on Friday and Saturday nights.

Dining details: Tuesday 13th August. Mid-week lunch for 2.

Verdict: This is one local that I’ll be returning to. It’s casual and simple like a local suburban restaurant but cool and trendy enough to feel like you’re going somewhere fun. Good drinks menu and a reasonable priced food menu. The food was generous, the service was friendly – they even do split bills (even on a busy night for birthday functions so everyone can buy their own drinks easily). Just a caution, this place can get very noisy on Friday/Saturday nights so not recommended for dates unless you go on a weeknight.

This restaurant takes the award for: the odd (and delightful) treat – you wouldn’t come here regularly for lunch but it’s worth it when you do. It’s a lot more than meets the eye from their ordinary looking menu.

The Crosstown Eating House
Tuesday – Saturday, 7am – midnight
Sunday, 7am – noon
23 Logan Road, Woolloongabba

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2 thoughts on “The Crosstown Eating House

  1. I loved Cross-Town. I remember eating there once soon after I moved in and found myself up early with no housemate to be found. I think I had some bean tacos, maybe a fish one. I haven’t been there in ages, so thanks for the reminder.


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