BOSC & Zagyoza

Following on from my recent post on the fantastically smart collaborations of local businesses with bars and food vendors (read about Crowbar/5 Dogs here), comes my new favourite bar, BOSC who have teamed up with across-the-road neighbours, Zagyoza.

Those who know me know that I’m more than partial to a good gin (or more). When new gin specialty bar, BOSC opened up recently in West End, I knew I had found my new favourite home.


BOSC stands for Bar of Social Conscience. BOSC will be donating 20% of its annual profits to a Mexican orphanage. An idea that means the more I drink, the more karma I get. Excellent.

Zagyoza have crazy Japanese-Western food fusion foods, famous for their curious flavour combinations in the delicate skin of gyozas.

They will provide their full menu on Friday and Saturday nights till around 10-10.30pm at BOSC – with vegan options included! They even cater two specific specials – a delicious sounding Kimo cheese pie and a Japanese lamb and zucchini pizza. *drool*

A tempting lunch special from 12-6pm on Friday and Saturday offers Zagyoza’s japanese bento box lunch special and a draft beer (stone & wood, Burleigh brewing or a cider) on tap for $15!

Happy hour at Bosc is everyday from 4pm-6pm, serving delicious craft beers for $6 as well as a variety of other drink specials. They have a large variety of speciality gin cocktails (18 at last count!) as well as ever-changing specials. They also offer great rum cocktails as well as all the other usual spirits. Rotating craft beers and cider on tap and a neat selection of wines are also available. Many of the wines are vegan-friendly too!

The storefront display is a little community art space available for local artists to hire and display works – that feel good community atmosphere resonates from the entrance. Teaming up with Zagyoza and helping each other out is just part of what BOSC believe in. They’re all about the giving here.

BOSC is bosky. Bosky means “having an abundance of bushes, shrubs, or trees”. And what would you know, BOSC have vertical hanging wallflowers, a bed of rocks and plants running down the centre of benches, hanging terrariums, their bar sign is made of fake grass. Very smart.

*apologies for the blurry photos and bad lighting – my gin-eyes weren’t in focus…

It’s further up from the main bustle of Boundary Street, on the corner of Vulture Street and Princhester Street. But this small bar fills up regardless. Groups often standing around the bar once their raised platform booths and central benches have been taken. The intimate crowd and the small venue means it can get pretty noisy so don’t come here late at night if you want a quiet conversation. This isn’t a big deal if you play the various board games available on the benches.

Or with the rocks. Just sayin’, a rock stacking competition between friends to see who buys the next round of drinks wouldn’t be a terrible idea.

BOSC is the perfect neighbourhood bar that I wish would be my local.

Open 7 days a week, 2pm – late
69 Vulture Street, West End
Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.


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