The Pasta Cruiser

Rolling out their shiny, orange and black food truck only for their second week come the new wheels on the block – The Pasta Cruiser.

Headed by Neil and Jamie, these guys are bringing delicious fresh pasta with super satisfying, mouth-watering sauces.

Check out how round these ravioli are!

For their second week, they’ve parked at 44 Ipswich Road in Woolloongabba, outside Carzoos. Just a hop and a skip down from the Woolloongabba bus station and the Gabba dining precinct. Working at the PA hospital, it was just a 2-min zoom down the busway towards delicious Italian food.

I opted for this week’s special of ravioli ($10) bursting with lamb, tomato and rosemary (check out how round my ravioli was!). My sauce of choice, the spicy tomato, chorizo and chilli.

Pared with Hank’s Black Cherry soda ($4.50) to quench my thrist as the sun beat off my back while I waited less than 10 minutes to freshly prepared meal. No bain maries here with stodgy pasta soaking up watery sauces for hours. The pasta was al dente, the filling was generous. A few extras such as grated parmesan and dried chilli flakes are available for your taste bud’s pleasure too.

The spicy tomato, chorizo and chilli sauce, which Neil mentions is already becoming popular, provides plenty of kick. Nothing like extra chilli to promote further perspiration. Firey food –> perspiration –> cooling you down. Perfect remedy for summer! I certainly expected milder, so be warned if you’re not a fan of chilli. Don’t fret though, there are plenty of other options such as traditional bolognese or garlic, olive oil & chilli and roasted pumpkin, feta & sundried tomato for the vegos out there.

They also serve my favourite ice cream sandwiches from Pat & Stick’s for a cool $6. I recommend the vanilla lace, it’s ace! Homemade vanilla ice cream sandwiched between wafer-thin almond lace cookies.

Make sure you follow these guys on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They’ll be everywhere.

Don’t miss out, get in before it’s all gone.

For more info, suss out


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