Greek on Cav

I really enjoy Greek food. It’s really fresh and the Mediterranean diet must be good, they have olive oil. And haloumi. *drool*

I recently cooked up my own Greek feast (featured on the Jan Power’s Farmers market blog) for my parents but I really enjoy having the real deal. It was my new year’s resolution of 2013 (I blogged about it here!) to try new cultural foods and I think I’ve learnt a lot this year.

Living in Coorparoo, I had sussed out all the new local restaurants that I will have to try. I was excited to learn of Greek on Cav’s existence. We came here for a casual Sunday lunch. We walked here, which was almost a 20-minute walk in the hot summer sun. Maybe we will drive next time! This family-owned and run restaurant was full of Greek families coming together for a Sunday lunch. A good sign of good, authentic food.

We didn’t have a booking so there was quite some moving around of tables for two in the outdoor corridor. It does feel a little alienating from the heart of the restaurant but it does mean a bit more privacy from the noise indoors. They even had live music that day so diners had to speak louder than usual. Tip: family gatherings are noisy!

They have quite a diverse menu, with items that I haven’t tasted or seen before. Check out their menu online here. We decided to go with the meat platter for two ($40). A good way to ensure we get to try a little bit of everything.

The waiters are very keen on offering extra sides, being borderline pushy. Listing every single drink, even as I tried to cut him off and say no. It may be that they’re compensating for their long wait, which they didn’t warn us about.

We ended up ordering a side of haloumi ($8) and a bowl of Greek salad ($10) on top of the meat platter. Disappointingly, the platter took about 45 minutes to arrive with no acknowledgment for the delay. I suspect that all the food is cooked at once, and since we had arrived slightly early (11.30am) we were unlucky in having to wait until the restaurant filled out and more orders had been taken.

Everything arrived at once, which was how Greek food is to be eaten. Everything dipped and shared at the same time, picking different things as you go.

How disappointed I was when the haloumi was two tiny slices. For $8 I thought I had been severely ripped off. It was a shame the haloumi was delicious too, with a sprinkling of mint, lemon and olive oil. I wanted more. Still, if you balance this price against their reasonably priced platters, it sort of balances out. The Greek salad used sun-dried olives which was interesting. I did enjoy that they served the salad with a slab of feta on top, very visually appealing. It looked vibrant and tasted as fresh as it looked.

The skordalia, a dip made from potatoes, garlic and almonds, with warmed pita bread triangles was super generous on the garlic and I could’ve easily eaten this all day. There’s no such thing as too much garlic. It was a little on the chunky side which I liked.

The meat platter itself was impressive. 6 keftedes (lamb meatballs), 2 chargrilled lamb chops, 2 chicken and 2 lamb souvlakis on a mound of thick cut chips. Most of the meat was cooked to perfection. The souvlakis were my favourite, marinated in oregano and other herbs whilst being super tender and moist. The meatballs were a little dry and overcooked on the outside but still pink on the inside. I think these are chargrilled a little too long just to ensure it was cooked in the centre. These meatball mixture was heavily flavoured with mint and were dipped into a Greek yoghurt dressing. Still tasty, if just a little burnt.

The meat platter which also included the skordalia and pita bread is excellent value for $40.

We had no room for dessert that day, but I really want to try their Baklava ice cream. I’d return to try their seafood dishes a go too. Sneak peeks at fellow diners looked equally delicious.

Overall, for a suburban restaurant, it was a little more expensive than what I’d prefer to spend for lunch but you could easily scale back on the sides and stick to just the well-valued platters.

They offer banquet meals which caters to their diners who are often in large groups. I’d return here with at least a group of 4 or more, just so that more things can be ordered and shared. They have main meals which are not for sharing too that are well priced at $20 each. Again, these don’t come with salads or sides so be prepared to spend more than expected.

They also had a “Greek to go” window in which people can order quick takeaway from their bain maries on weekdays.

Dining details: 1st December, Sunday lunch for two. 11.30am.

Verdict: Great authentic Greek food at a suburban restaurant which is good for casual dining/group meals. Be prepared to spend more than expected. Living nearby we used a flyer coupon for 10% off lunch that we received in the post which brought the total to ~$52. It would’ve been about $29pp without the discount and we didn’t even order drinks or dessert. 

This restaurant wins the award for: authentic Greek at surprising prices.

Greek on Cav
Tuesday: 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday – Sunday: 12pm to 9pm (we arrived quite early)
4/377 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

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