The Burrow

Sunday lunch seems to be a thing that’s happening a lot lately in my Birthday Eating Month. It’s becoming a thing! I’m not complaining at all. For those of you who don’t really know me, it’s my birthday this month and I’ve unofficially declared this my Birthday Eating Month where I shall feel no guilt and eat anything I feel like.

Last Sunday I was able to bust out my new camera. A sleek, shiny compact digital camera – the Sony RX100. So now I won’t have to subject you to camera phone photos any more. Hooray. And I’m sorry for every blurry, noise-ridden photo on this blog thus far.

Typically lazy Sunday. Nic and I decided to suss out the new Topshop mega-store that’s taken over from the old Borders building in the city. We walked over to West End for lunch and had planned to head back to GoMA to view the new Cai Guo-Qiang: Falling Back to Earth exhibit. A late lunch meant that I was no longer in the mood to walk any further.

Cue random Twitter call out to continue drinking with a spontaneous Sunday session in a whirlwind tour of West End bars. We ended up at Cobbler, Jungle, Bosc and finally arrived at Archive (a few candid photos included below). It was a long drinking session that my poor body will not be up for for quite a while.

Back to the beginning of the journey at The Burrow. These guys are famous for their delicious and interesting pizzas and in more recent times have become a bit of a hot breakfast spot.  The seats near the front entrance are great for people watching. The upstairs and the balcony are great for forgetting you’re in a restaurant. It feels just like a home in the suburbs, especially as the back views face away from the street.

I’ve been to The Burrow multiple times for lunch and dinners. Dates, in groups with friends. It’s a really cool, trendy place with good food at decent prices as well as an interesting variety of beers. They even stock an ever-changing range of alcoholic ginger beers. I don’t know how it started but I always have a ginger beer when I go to The Burrow.

I picked a rather subtle organic ginger beer brewed locally in Cleveland ($7.50). It was served with a glass jar with a handle. How hip. Dangerously at 4.9% alc./vol it almost tasted like a slightly gingerly mineral water and could be drunk just as easily. Nic liked this a lot more than I did. I prefer those with a lot more bite.

What I nearly always recommend is the confit rabbit pizza… WHICH THEY HAVE GOTTEN RID OF. It appears a lot of things have changed since I last visited them ~9 months ago. In that time not only do they have a new lunch and dinner menu but they’ve also picked up an Eat Drink 2013 award from The Weekend Edition for the Best Place for Dinner. Congrats!

Never fear, change is good and there are new exciting options on the menu which their equally exciting names.

Let me introduce the Barbarossa: Turkish style lamb, red onion, capsicum, mushroom, mozzarella and tabouleh, finished with yoghurt dressing. Think of this as a kebab on a pizza and with cheese. The tabouleh was a lovely fresh addition to this pizza. The yoghurt dressing didn’t result in a soggy pizza either. The pizza base was thin and crispy.

Next up is Big Voodoo Daddy: Pulled pork tinga, jerk chicken, cajun sausage, red onions, mozzarella, bourbon BBQ glaze, finished with a fresh coleslaw. Think of your traditional meatlovers BBQ pizza but on steroids. The bourbon BBQ sauce is quite sweet and concentrated. It overpowers quite a lot of the meat which should have been quite tasty on its own/with less sauce. Pork tinga is a Mexican dish of braised pulled pork. The jerk chicken is a nod towards Jamaican flavours. The only meat I could really taste were the spicy slices of cajun sausage. The addition of coleslaw adds some much needed freshness to cut through the strong flavours of this pizza. 

Dining details: Sunday 8th December. Lunch for two.

Verdict: This place is all about the pizzas. Although I know many who are in love with their breakfasts too. It may go against every core value inside you but these pizzas can only be eaten with a knife and fork (or face a messy fight using your hands). You can forgive them though. These pizzas are damn tasty with really interesting twists. Great for groups and dates and everything inbetween. Heck, I’ve seen children here (they have a children’s menu!).

This restaurant wins the award for: best place to burrow down and experiment with pizza toppings and breakfast. But not together.

The Burrow
Open Tuesday – Sunday: 7am to late
37 Mollison Street, West End

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