23 Christmas-themed food ideas

Taken from an article I wrote for Miniatures Issue #7, collated by my friend Bianca Martin.

23 because I just turned 23 yesterday!

Here’s a list of 23 Christmas-themed food ideas:
Some of these are just red and green-coloured dishes, some are accompaniments to what you would normally eat at Christmas, some are alternatives of traditional favourites. Most are made with things in season at this time of the year. I’ve actually never made any of these but are definitely my own ideas. Sorry in advance if they fail.

  1. Potato wedges with mix of sour cream, red paprika, chopped flat-leaf parsley and chives.
  2. Cranberry sauce – pepped up with a squeeze of orange juice and orange zest.
  3. A fiery tomato sauce – chilli, roasted tomatoes and red capsicum, blitzed together.
  4. A mango salsa with red chilli and lime – to go with steaks.
  5. Watermelon and mint granita!
  6. Sour cherry cake – serve with extra cherries on the side.
  7. A caprese salad – layered slices of vine-ripened tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves.
  8. Strawberries, dusted with snow-like icing sugar and served with fresh cream.
  9. Prosciutto, gherkins and figs served on a platter.
  10. Green and red capsicum sticks on a platter with assorted dips like tzatziki and hummus.
  11. Rudolf’s nose – carrot sticks with a cherry tomato on one end.
  12. Vietnamese chicken salad – cold rice vermicelli noodles with shredded BBQ (or leftover roast) chicken and dressing of fish sauce, chopped mint leaves, red chilli, sugar, lime juice and zest.
  13. Cooked prawns wrapped in a cos lettuce leaf, topped with diced red onion, avocado and cucumber with a dab of cocktail sauce – tomato sauce, cream, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco mixed together.
  14. Watermelon vodka – cube watermelon, place in a large container/jug/jar, pour vodka in and cover for about 5-7 days. Shake once a day. Strain into a new jug. Keep cubes and freeze. Use as ice cubes for cocktail jug – muddle mint in the bottom of a jug. Add watermelon vodka, watermelon “ice cubes” and top with soda water or lemonade.
  15. Gingerbread cupcakes with a mound of frosting, decorated in red and green sprinkles.
  16. Salt and pepper squid – deep fried in a batter of cornflour and water. Stir fry chopped green spring onions, garlic and red chilli for a couple of seconds – add in deep fried squid. Toss with five-spice mix.
  17. Toffee made from sugar with a touch of peppermint essence and red food dye added. Pour into moulds. Top with a mint leaf.
  18. Lime and raspberry/strawberry jelly. (Cheat, I’m clearly struggling to complete this list..)
  19. Raspberry fool – mashed raspberries swirled together with fresh cream whipped with icing sugar and green food colouring. Extra icing sugar to dust. Top with a whole raspberry.
  20. A plate of sliced green and red apples with a peanut butter dip.
  21. Pico de gallo – colourful Mexican salsa made of finely diced white onion, jalapeño peppers, coriander and diced tomatoes with a squeeze of lime juice. Serve with toasted tortilla chips.
  22. Brandy custard – milk, cream, egg yolk, sugar, a bit of cornflour and brandy, add things like orange peel, cinnamon sticks and ground nutmeg. Serve with pudding. Or make a brandy custard posset – take off the heat, add in lemon juice, pour into moulds and set in the fridge.
  23. Cherry Christmas ice cream – soak cherries in lemon juice and sugar. Stir through softened vanilla ice cream. Serve with halved red and green glacé cherries!

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