Condiment conversation: Apple sauce

I have a lot of ridiculous condiments. To introduce a new theme in my blog for 2014 and to give me an excuse to methodically go through these condiments, I’m going to write features about them rather than have them sit in the cupboard/fridge (and possible go beyond their use-by date).

For Christmas, I received a Maggie Beer Christmas food hamper as a gift. Included was this delicious and slightly tangy apple, cinnamon and verjuice sauce.

Perfect with the ham we had for Christmas. Equally perfect as a snack for dipping apple slices into. Totally satisfied my sweet cravings. One of the healthier snacks I’ve eaten in a while too.

“Maggie” or her marketing team suggests using it as a glaze for pastries, swirled through cream to serve with apple pie or dolloped onto of morning muesli.

I’m going to try it with ice cream.

It’d probably go really well with chocolate too. Maybe I can make choc chip muffins with apple sauce.

What do you like to have apple sauce with? 


One thought on “Condiment conversation: Apple sauce

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