Brisbane: Australia’s hippest city?

I wrote some words for BULLSH!T about the city that I love! Go team Brisbane!


Despite the recent heatwave pushing the mercury up to 50°C in some areas of Queensland, Lonely Planet has awarded Brisbane the prize of ‘Australia’s Hippest and Coolest City’. It’s the harsh irony that those hipsters love.

Along with the label, we’ve been given brownie points for our:

  • Pumping night-life
  • Edgy arts scene
  • Cool book shops
  • Globally-inspired restaurants
  • Great cafes
  • Abundance of live music and band venues

It’s all true. Sure, if you look at some parts of Brisbane, you’ll find a brown river and older historical buildings being knocked over left, right and centre. Sure, King George Square is a concrete plateau in the middle of the city. Oh and, the nightlife district in Fortitude Valley can look just a little seedy.

However, look even closer and you’ll find the river a central part of our city’s identity. The cultural centre with our world class art galleries and museums…

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