Condiment conversation: Nando’s Garlic sauce with peri-peri

I have a lot of Nando’s sauces so much so that when I first moved into our new place we had a shelf dedicated to Nando’s sauces. Lined up like a supermarket.

It’s a bit weird.

Y’see, I won a Nando’s comp a while ago in which Peri-medics visited me at work and gave me sauce to last the ages. And boy, has it lasted. Several months on and IĀ still have sauces in my cupboard.

One of the ‘mild’ options given by Nando’s is a garlic sauce with peri-peri. A creamy-based sauce that they suggest using over grilled or roasted vegetables.

Did you know that all of Nando’s sauces are vegan?

I tried this sauce recently on a partiularly lazy #meatfreemonday.

I opted for a super easy vegetable bake.

Thinly sliced veggies, poured over the sauce, chucked in the oven for an hour-ish and then eaten.

Easiest dinner ever.


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