Cafe O-Mai

South-east Asian breakfast options are my favourite kind of breakfasts.

I could easily pass up bacon and eggs for mee pok (pork lard bits are a must!), steaming hot chwee kueh, chee cheong fun, etc etc. I’m very familiar with the Chinese, Malay and Indian influenced breakfast options from my numerous visits to Singapore.

I haven’t tried Vietnamese breakfasts before so since Cafe-O-Mai opened up I added it to the list of places to try. Also, because my ex lives in the street – and, well, that’s a different story!

For no special reason on the weekend, Nic and I finally made the short drive to Cafe-O-Mai.

There was no wait and we were immediately seated down. The benefits of eating in the suburbs. The cafe fits right into the neighbourhood, with many customers, being welcomed by name, ordering coffee without having to specify their preference.

The cafe was about 90% full and didn’t take much longer than 20 minutes for our food to arrive. I did notice that the couple next to us who arrived later actually got their food before us. Food appears to come out as they’re cooked. So be prepared to wait a while and look on with hunger if someone orders something simpler than you.

Inbetween waiting our drinks arrived. I chose a refreshing lychee and mint frappe. It was quite sweet, they use canned lychees with syrup for this. Good thing I like sweet drinks. Nic’s Vietnamese iced coffee was good, he would’ve preferred it less sweet but it was good otherwise. For those of you who haven’t had Vietnamese iced coffee before, it’s served with condensed milk.

I went for one of the signature options – Aunty Five’s claypot baked eggs with homemade lemongrass sausage and tamarind sauce. This was a delicious dish with loads of well-balanced flavours. Salty and sweet from the tamarind sauce and fish sauce. What would a Vietnamese dish be without fish sauce! Chunks of tomato provided some nice acidity too.

The stand out in this dish was the homemade lemongrass and chilli pork sausage which provided a bit of kick to cut through the rich flavours. There were 3 eggs in this dish too! Super value! Especially compared to most breakfast cafe options with only one or two eggs. A slice of buttered toast was handy to mop up all of the sauce.

Nic picked a very healthy-looking omelette with minced pork, prawns and bean sprouts. This must be a newer menu option – it’s not on their online menu! I laughed a bit, I usually get the “healthier” option between us. The salad and the flavours were altogether light and refreshing. Perfect for summer breakfasts. The prawns were big, leaving the tails on is a tad unnecessary. A good option for those who want something lighter.

Dining details: 19th January, Sunday brunch for two, 9.30am.

Verdict: Go for the bolder-flavoured options here. You won’t be disappointed. It makes their lighter options pale a bit in comparison. They offer Pho for breakfast too! I’m definitely going have to try it next time. They have a separate lunch menu too. This place is great for families as well as small and large groups.

This restaurant wins the award for: deliciously different breakfast options – just go Pho it!

Cafe O-Mai
Tuesday – Friday: 6.30am to 3pm
Saturday – Sunday: 7am to 2pm
15 Cracknell Road, Annerley (just look for Chardon’s Corner)

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