Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year!


Another excuse to eat and celebrate with family and friends.

I like that the Lunar New Year in Chinese culture symbolises lots of traditions like getting together with family, wishing good luck on people, wealth, prosperity, good health, etc. Something that gets missed with the Western world’s New Year celebrations.

I started a bit early with the celebrations this year.

On Wednesday night I was invited to the official launch of Peng You China Kitchen and Bar (reviewed previously here!) over at Gasworks in Newstead. They coincided their official launch with Chinese New Year and boy did it go off with a bang! They had lion dances, firecrackers and plenty of food and drinks! I missed the kung fu demonstrations – I was too busy snacking on delicious food!

Thanks to Lucid Media and Peng You China Kitchen and Bar for the invite! Hope you have a prosperous year ahead!

Here’s a few of my most popular Asian recipes that you might like to make to welcome in the year of the horse:

Inspired by the delicious coconut and corn jelly (corn kueh – they look like this!) that my mum makes, I attempted to turn this into a different dessert.

I made coconut and sweet corn cupcakes. Decorated with toasted coconut and edible red sprinkles. Gold and red for good luck!

Recipe to come soon!

Hope everyone has a wonderful year ahead! 🙂


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