Condiment conversation: Quince mustard sauce

As part of the Maggie Beer Christmas food hamper I received as a gift was this quince mustard with orange peel.

There was also apple sauce which I blogged about here.

It doesn’t taste a lot like mustard even though it contains mustard powder. It’s almost like citrus-y glorified mushy and sweet quince paste.

On the label, Maggie suggests:

A wonderful combination of slow cooked rubescent quince with mustard and orange peel that adds another level of flavour to a thick cut sandwich or traditional beef roast.

This mustard also makes a beautiful vinaigrette for a salad of bitter greens and just-picked garden beans, or try it stirred through steamed baby potatoes with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Apart from roast meats, it’d go well on a cracker with a firm cheese (which I’ve yet to attempt). A glaze for a roast ham! Or even as a sweet, tangy marinade for roast vegetables.

Coleslaw dressing

I used this quince mustard to make a coleslaw dressing. I added about 1 part quince mustard with 4 parts mayonnaise and 1 part white vinegar. Seasoned with salt and pepper.

Basic coleslaw with cabbage, red onion, spring onion and carrots, mixed with coleslaw dressing. The sweetness of the dressing mellowed out the sulphorous-ness of the cabbage which was good too. Sometimes I find coleslaw can get a bit overwhelming and I can’t eat too much because of the sulphorous-cabbage-ness.

I served it with oven-baked lamb chops. NOM!


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