Frozen: the Cheeseburger episode

Have you ever tried a frozen cheeseburger?

In my younger days, I’ve walked by the freezer section in supermarkets and have long been curious.

How bad can it be?
Could it be better than a fresh burger?
It looks so convenient and bad yet weirdly enticing..

Well, now as an independent adult I was able to satisfy such curiosity.

  • Weirdly, after microwaving I expected the bun to be soggy albeit soft. It was the opposite. It was dried out and tough.
  • The “tomato relish” was ordinary tomato sauce but at least it tasted like normal tomato sauce.
  • The cheese was questionable. But it certainly melted – see the slanted post-microwave picture above.
  • The burger meat was average. It wasn’t bad, it tasted like meat.

Overall, it was a cheeseburger with cheese that didn’t taste like cheese and horrible bread. It could’ve been worse.

Let’s say, it didn’t taste great let alone good. But it was edible. And I had it all within 2 minutes. Would I buy it again? Most likely not.

Now that curiosity is sated, what next?! What weird frozen foods that should probably not exist should I try?

Stay tuned for the next episode.


7 thoughts on “Frozen: the Cheeseburger episode

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