Alfredo’s Pizzeria

Alfredo’s Pizzeria is the cool, older uncle of Alfred & Constance. His presence can be detected by the smell of wood-fire oven pizzas and the red Vespa at it’s entrance.

Enter into welcome arms with delicious pizzas and pastas at Alfredo’s. His menu is ever-changing without losing the favourites.

I was recently invited for a luscious lunch at Alfredo’s. Keeping it in the family, as I’m sure Alfredo appreciates, I invited along my younger sister.

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs but we did a pretty good job, you could say… The Italian Job. We left with heavy stomachs and grins on our faces.

Our food came all at once which was a little overwhelming (just like Alfredo’s humongous presence along the backwall!) but we were hungry anyway. I loved the wire stand which holds the pizza above the table so that space isn’t an issue for greedy pigs like us. Also it means it’s closer to my mouth. For smart, greedy pigs like us.

To help our digestion was an Aperol spritz for her and a Negroni for me. Light and spritzy, perfect classic Italian appertifs for starting off a long lunch. We ordered some entrees. Herby, fetta and lemon-zested wood baked field mushrooms and flat-bread with slinky white anchovies and sweet onion jam.

Down to serious business, you can’t really come here and not have a sample of the pizza. We ordered the Pork Sugar Sex Magic.

Italians are all about delicious simple food made with great ingredients and love. I guess that’s the sex magic talking.

The dough was tossed and stretched before our eyes in the open kitchen.

Our pizza featured generous slices of roast pork, honey roasted pears, onion jam and delicious blobs of provolone.. We swirled generous amounts of chilli oil for extra flavour. This was all kinds of delicious.

The star was the gnocchi. That soft potato with the right amount of time in a pan to give a slight brown crisp. The generous shavings of sharp parmesan cheese. And the mushroom sauce! The truffle cream with porcini mushrooms was TO DIE FOR. My favourite dish by far. I can see why this is a permanent dish on the menu.

The watermelon salad was also a stand out. Heirloom tomatoes with fior di latte mozarella, mint, basil and vincotto was the perfect summer salad to counteract the heavy mains. I love fresh cheeses so this was a delight for me. A great salad by any means with fresh ingredients.

Disappointingly, we didn’t have room for dessert. Of which there are many options including dessert pizzas! In case you carb-lovers wanted more.

We came in for a late lunch so any of the earlier lunch crowd had already left. I recommend booking for weekends and Friday and Saturday night. It gets busy (and noisy) here.

Alfredo’s is great for groups as the menu is really tailored towards share everything! But hey, if you wanna have a whole pizza to yourself you can do that too. In fact, order the gnocchi and eat that all by yourself. Then share a pizza and a cocktail jug or two!

Alfredo’s Pizzeria
Open 7 days a week
Sunday to Thursday: 12pm – 1am
Friday and Saturday: 12pm – 3am
39 Alfred St, Fortitude Valley

Alfredo's Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

We dined as guests of Lucia Media and Alfredo’s Pizzeria.


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