Chester St Bakery and Bar – summer menu launch

After visiting Chester St for their launch last year, I haven’t been back for dinner. I’d visited once for breakfast but that was it. Anything on this side of the river is usually just a little *too* far out of the way. Unfortunately, this means that there’s plenty of places that I have yet to try.

An invitation to the summer menu launch from Chester St is a good excuse to travel! And definitely worth it. Summer menu is a little confusing but Brisbane does experience summer for a large proportion of the year so perhaps a little more fitting than you’d think.

The night was a sample of all the things from their new menu. We started off with a tasty peach bellini before tucking into shared entrees.

There were 4 entrees. The squid with the hummus was the highlight. It was a tasty combination I hadn’t ever thought of before. The smokey paprika with the almonds gave it a very Moroccan/Middle Eastern feel. Following the theme was the lemon and thyme chicken wings with fattoush and pita bread. The fattoush was great but the lemon and thyme was basically non-existent from the chicken.

The vegetarian croquettes were a little bland but needed a bit of bacon or similar smoked pork product to make it more tasty. Good crunch without being greasy though. The bread was a generous serving, enough to mop up extra hummus and fattoush. Also comforting to know that it was baked on-site. Low food mileage is always a plus!

For the mains, we also shared two meat dishes plus two healthy (and thus, trendy) salads.

The lamb and the fish were cooked perfectly. The lamb just melted in your mouth, it was super tender and the honey really brought out the sweetness of the meat. It was a clear favourite for many.

The barramundi was *just* cooked so that it cleanly broke under just a slight poke from my fork. It was light and fresh.The cracked wheat was a nice addition too; it could make a substantial meal on it’s own. Great value. I could’ve easily eaten this whole plate if I didn’t have to share!

Quinoa salad was full of grainy crunch, it was deliciously nutty and buttery. The wild rice salad had pumpkin and asparagus (which I dislike!!)

Of course there was an espresso martini before dessert came out to help us digest our food.

There were so many options but I couldn’t bring it to myself to share this chocolate panna cotta and salted caramel pot with an orange sable cookie.

This dessert was:

  1. cute – it was in a tiny little pot,
  2. layered as you can see in the photo and
  3. it came with a cookie.

I love desserts that come with a side cookie, it’s almost like 2-in-1 desserts. It’s like scoring a free cookie (something that I could never say no to).

The panna cotta itself was not jelly-like enough to be panna cotta. It had a denser, richer texture; it was good but heavier than I had anticipated especially in combination with the caramel. I really liked the orange sable cookie though. I loved the subtle almond and orange flavour. It was light and crumbly, almost shortbread-like. I am secretly jealous of those who bake delicious cookies.

If these desserts aren’t for you, you can also pick from a very wide selection of baked goods or even take home for a second dessert to satisfy you until your next visit!

Chester St Bakery and Bar
32a Chester Street, Newstead

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