Frozen: the Donut episode

Last time I ventured into the disappointing world of Frozen Cheeseburgers.

In this episode of Frozen, we visit the harsh landscape of ICED DONUTS.

This rare find took multiple trips to different supermarkets before finding these. My local supermarket features next to no frozen “goods”/potential future challenges. Even once discovered I was restricted. There was no other brand choice either.

These are choc-hazelnut filled but the closest I could get to a normal iced donut. I haven’t had a ring-shaped filled donut before so this was going to be a bit of a novelty.

Little known is that I used to work in the Coles supermarket bakery for over 7.5 years. I know a thing or two about donuts.

Firstly, there are two types:

  1. yeast donuts i.e. Krispy Kreme and
  2. the fried dough variety i.e. Donut King.

These frozen iced donuts were the yeast version. Now you know what to compare these to.

The yeast version from Coles come frozen minus the icing. Get baked til warm and then glazed. So I wasn’t too wary about the deliciousness of this challenge, after all those ones were not bad.

The instruction on these couldn’t be more simple. Thaw for a minimum of 25 minutes. Eat.

Taking these out they looked a little rough. But kudos to the individual air-cushioned bags to protect them from sticking to each other.


  • I cut one in half. Initial inspection doesn’t show much filling.
  • Texture of these thawed donuts is dry, tough and crumbly. Far from the soft, spongey freshly baked kind. Bummer.
  • Icing is thin and tastes more like a compound chocolate. It doesn’t have the familiar thick, grainy, powdery sugar feel of “fondant” used for commercial donuts.

I tried these another day (for breakfast!) and left them out for ~45 minutes. This one was much prettier from the get-go and looked more appealing too. I’ve included the photos for reference of the maximum potential these frozen donuts can have.

Interestingly, the choc-hazelnut filling is actually a lot more than meets the eye and it oozes out with each bite. It’s actually pretty tasty albeit more watery than I’d like. It results in a fair bit of finger licking.

I felt conflicted and guilty because these actions are usually reserved for ridiculously tasty food like the grease from fried chicken or hot sauce from a leaky burrito.

Does this mean I enjoyed this frozen iced donut?

Well, it wasn’t horrible and the filling definitely was better than expected. But at $6 for 5 sub-par donuts you have to ask who would ever buy these?

“People who have access to refrigeration but not donuts,” suggested Nic.

I would never buy these again. Especially over freshly fried doughy goodness. PLUS these didn’t even have sprinkles!

But I do have a dastardly decadent idea involving donuts, Nutella and ice cream now.

What weird frozen foods that should probably not exist should I try next?

Stay tuned for the next episode.


2 thoughts on “Frozen: the Donut episode

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