OPINION: The poor state of science and research in Australia.

“How can the government plan to be a world leader in innovation yet continue to cut funding in science and research?”


The threats to the future of research in Australia are becoming a reality. Surfacing news about proposed budget cuts of up to 20% or $150 million of Government funding to CSIRO have enraged the research community.

It appears that some in a higher position believe that simply cutting back funding is no big deal. The reality is that research is a long and continuous process. It requires years and sometimes even decades of planning and research to reach a goal. You simply cannot stop and start research; it must be sustained. By introducing budget cuts, you push back efforts to potential discoveries and halt future advances. It’s starting back at square one, regardless of the prior research already conducted. How does one even plan research when the uncertainty of whether or not it will be possible to see a result at the end of the day?

Scientists and researchers are…

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