Chester Street bakery and bar late night dessert launch

Just launched at Chester Street kitchen is a delicious and sugar-filled late night dessert menu. It is to fill the gap for a late night sugar fix for those in the New Farm/Newstead area. A very, very tasty addition. Perfect for after a movie or a late-night date.

If you’ve been to Chester Street before as I’ve blogged here and here, you’ll know they know a lot about baked goods. This extends to cases and cases of cakes, slices, pies, cookies… It took all of my strength to avoid pressing my face against the glass with heavy breathing and drooling.

The extensive menu features over 12 options as well as the whole range from the chilled cases available to choose from.

Seated at the table with fellow blogger, Melissa, and our respective partners we managed to plough through 7 options between 4 people.

I went for the peanut butter and jelly option – a dense peanut butter blondie with jelly (what we call jam)-rippled ice cream with chocolate sauce and candied peanuts. Delicious and nutty. Peanut butter and jelly is one of my all-time favourite combinations. Great to see it be interpreted as a dessert. My favourite dessert of the night!

The desserts are all priced the same – $14.90. Some of the options were a little small in comparison to others which aren’t reflected in the prices. Depends on what you’re after though. The available selections cater from a small bite (those who are watching their waistline) to a sugar overload (those who don’t know where their waistline is – like me! Haha).

Desserts will be available until midnight 7 days a week.

Chester St Bakery and Bar
32a Chester Street, Newstead

Chester Street on Urbanspoon



We dined as guests on behalf of Chester Street Bakery and Bar and Lucid Media.

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