Adventure Time with Anywhere Theatre Festival

Anywhere Theatre Festival begins tomorrow and I’ve volunteered to be a reviewer. I’ll be quite busy over the next few days! I will be reviewing over on their website but I’ll be sure to share and link here along the way!

In the mean time, here’s my own adventure timeline for the next 10 days:

I’m a big fan of adventures. Anywhere Theatre Festival is one of my favourite Brisbane events because it allows me to learn more about Brisbane – not only regarding the venues but also the smaller, independent artists and groups themselves. I have been a big supporter of Anywhere Theatre for quite some time now (I even used to help out on their Twitter account!).

Anywhere Theatre Festival program just gets bigger and bigger each year – have you seen the size of the official printed program?! I am looking forward to catching quite a few shows!

I used to live in East Brisbane. It excites me to see Mowbray Town Hall being used. I lived there for one and a half years and I never went inside the hall.

Through the magic of Theatre Anywhere, I’ll finally step inside this historical Brisbane building. What a great venue to bring to life with puppetry in the fuzzy and friendly form of Larrikin Puppets and Edge Improv for Thank Troggg You’re Here: A Puppet Impro Spectacular! and resurrecting the tales of yesteryear with Under Milk Wood.

I’ll also be making a quick side step to watch an adaptation of Schiller’s The Robber at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts in Kangaroo Point. This is a free event too – and they have three shows! You don’t have an excuse to not attend this! I’ve never been to this place and I’m always keen to visit a new venue. I appreciate these somewhat secret, lesser unknown venues. Classically a German play, I’m interested to see this interpretation.

Talking about secret places, you can’t get any more secret than a stranger’s treehouse in Paddington. We Are All Ghosts is a story of troubled times amongst a group of friends that will keep me on my feet (a note that the audience will be standing for the duration of the performance). A touch of quantum physics thrown in will make sure that the scientist in me will also be well catered for.

From secret places to public places, I’ll find myself in the Streets beach at South Bank Parklands to watch Ether, a contemporary performance piece. The wonderful thing about theatre anywhere is that your expectations of traditional works within traditional spaces are thrown out the window. I love that I can forgo my expectations and be completely surprised and delighted by non-traditional threatre.

As a self-confessed Brisbane explorer, Anywhere Theatre Festival feeds my love for Brisbane. It has allowed me all-access passes to sneak into back alleys and unassuming places in the past to find myself little treasures of theatre. This year is no different.

I look forward to reviewing my own adventure with Anywhere Theatre Festival.

Where will your adventure take you?


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