Bread and Meat Co

Tucked into the TCB building in the Valley Mall is a fantastic new joint serving American-style sandwiches.

Welcome to flavour country aka Bread and Meat Co. Owned by Royce, he’s brings his expertise from Canada and America (where he even worked in the famous Katz’s Delicatessen).

I was recently invited along to their grand opening where we stuffed ourselves silly. Check out the impressive 1m long sandwiches available for catering! Complete with specially made 1m box that’d impress anyone in a boring meeting.

We were treated to the menu standards:

  • 36-hour roasted beef brisket with swiss cheese and horseradish aioli soaked in jus,
  • corned beef with gerkin aiolo, poached cabbage and dijion mustard, and
  • BBQ pulled pork with BBQ hickory sauce and coleslaw.

The beef brisket was my favourite. Deliciously tender and full of flavour. He introduces the concept of dipping the sandwich into jus which is tangy and helped cut through the rich meat. It’s great because it allows to add extra flavour without making the bread soggy if it had been added prior to serving!

The meat is the real star of the sandwich here at Bread and Meat Co. Royce really takes pride in his food and it shows. The bread is all baked fresh daily and is specifically made to Royce’s own secret recipe. All the sandwiches are deliberately scant with the salad toppings and incredibly generous with the meat – they are called Bread and Meat Co after all… These serious sandwiches are great value, starting from just $8.50.

On top of the 3 menu options was the daily special of sloppy joes served on a mini brioche bun. These weren’t pretending to be anything other than being true to the name “sloppy joe”. Rich savoury mince, cheese, sweet Brioche bun. Check, check and check! We were told that there’s been a request to bring back the elusive buffalo chicken sandwich with blue cheese sauce to the permanent menu. Once they return, I’ll be there!

Drooling yet? If not, check out REAL Canadian poutine. The only place in Brisbane that serves the real deal – completely with real cheese curds made in-house. None of that melted-cheese-version of poutine here. The gravy was delicious too. Everything is made from scratch here at Bread and Meat Co except for the ketchup and mustard. Fabulous value for only $6!

The chilli cheese fries were a little underwhelming, I’ve had better and they weren’t nearly cheesy enough. I didn’t get to try the sweet potato fries but they looked good!

Bread and Meat Co is definitely worth multiple visits. They even have an adjoining cafe which will serve baked treats as well as healthier salads and pre-made sandwiches for those who want a break from the meatier sandwiches. Surprisingly, all the food is not as greasy or overly salty as expected from food like this. No sick feeling in your stomach from the usual post-greasy, oily food. A big plus!

Royce even donates all the food that is leftover to homeless people ensuring that his delicious food doesn’t go to waste.

Unfortunately the Valley Mall construction hides Bread and Meat Co from the general pedestrian traffic but once you stumble upon here and try the food, you’ll find yourself coming back again and again.

Keep an eye out – there’s already plans to open other venues and possibly a food truck too!

Bread and Meat Co
Monday – Wednesday: 11am – 5pm
Thursday – Saturday: 11am- 10pm
TCB Building
Shop 15 & 34B, 315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

Bread & Meat Co on Urbanspoon

* We dined as guests on behalf of Bread and Meat Co.


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