Paniyiri Greek Festival 2014

This was my first year at Paniyiri.

That I remember.

Apparently I went once as a child.

I had won two passes thanks to Scenestr! This meant we were off to stuff our faces with food! And we did.

Walking in, all you could see over the whole of Musgrave Park was smoke. Delicious, charred meat smoke. My heart started racing. My stomach made a rumble. Food was incoming!

As we made our way in, food took priority. We quickly got a lamb yiros wrap whilst we pondered what else to tackle.

  • Octapodi stifado – Cretan style octopus braised in a red wine and tomato sauce served with brown rice.
  • Haloumi wrap
  • Rice pudding
  • Washed down with a Greek coffee frappe!

I’ve heard about they loukamades before.  They’re what are also known as honey puffs. Deep-fried Greek doughnuts that are soaked in honey and dusted with icing sugar. All the good things. This was my first experience with honey puffs and I loved it! I have a really sweet tooth, but I have my limitations (I know, I know.. don’t act so shocked).

I thought I could handle these but after 4 of these sweet, golden balls of sugar, I had reached struggle town. Kudos to the people joining in the honey puff eating contest!

All in all, a good day! We didn’t get a table but sitting on grassy hill was a great way to observe the whole day and people watch. Some people were obviously regulars to Paniyiri, they had brought picnic blankets and foldable deck chairs! It was awesome watching young and old, helping each other cook food i.e. cooking the most amount of halloumi I’ve ever seen in one place (picture below).

Paniyiri, you left me in a food coma. But I will be back next year!


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