Good Food Month July 2014 – Brisbane

Since the official annoucements in early April with Ferran Adria, I’ve been eagerly awaiting Brisbane’s involvement with Good Food Month which has graced the cities of Sydney and Melbourne for a few years now.

Last year there were a handful of half-hearted events in Brisbane, some of which cancelled without any mention (ahem, Esquire).

Regardless, this year Brisbane has a stomach-filling programme (click to download the pdf copy) that fills up the entire month of July.

The event that has me the most excited is the famous Night Noodle Market which will be gracing the shores of the Brisbane River in South Bank! Running for 11 days from July 17 – July 27. I hope to be there multiple nights! I am ALL about noodles and other/all forms of Asian street food!

So here are my picks from the programme. Coincidentally this is a list of all the things to do for under $30.

Got extra change?



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