Night Noodle Markets


I was so incredibly content last night because the time had come for the first ever Brisbane Night Noodle Markets in conjunction with Good Food Month!

I went along with my parents, my younger sister and my boyfriend to sample as much as we could! The picture above depicts our first round!

Featuring (above, clockwise from left):

  • Deliciously crispy and fluffy roti canai with sambal chilli and curry sauce (Mamak)
  • Chicken satay, cucumber and red onion chunks and a runny, sweet and slightly spicy peanut sauce (Mamak)
  • Hot and sour coconut soup with countless prawns and fried egg noodles that soaked up the soup (Longrain)
  • Mee goreng with prawns and fish cake and a squeeze of lime (Mamak)
  • Spicy pork warm vermicelli salad, which was surprisingly filling and generous with pork (Fat Noodle)

The chicken satay was my favourite. Chargrilled and the skewers were properly marinated in satay seasoning. As close to the real authentic thing as I’ve had in a long, long time. The roti canai was also so good that we ordered a second round!

We also tried BBQ pork buns, chicken dim sim, prawn and chive dumplings and prawn har gow (Let’s Do Yum Cha). The buns were soft, sweet and fluffy. The filling was equally satisfying as we broke them in half and the steam escaped into the cold night air. Unfortunately the chicken dim sim was chunky (not desirable in a proper siu mai), was almost 50% cabbage and a little bland. The skin of the chive dumpling and the har gow was a little too thick to the real thing but still tasty.

We tried a Xinjiang cumin lamb skewer and Yunnan firm tofu chilli with coriander (Bang Bang). I didn’t try the lamb skewer but my Dad believes it was undercooked. Also at $8 per skewer it was pretty pricey for what it was. The tofu was really interesting as I’ve never had it served this way soaked in a vinegary soy mixture of chilli and shaoxing wine. I just wish I had rice to soak up the sauce!

Not pictured was the Taiwanese fried chicken from Peng You. Unfortunately, they did a rushed job after a long wait and it was way, way too salty. A shame, because I know from experience that this is a tasty dish in their restaurant!

From Mamak, there was also teh tarik! Something my Dad gleefully had to get his hands on! It’s a Malay hot drink that’s made with condensed milk and poured long to create a frothy top.

We were there for a total of 3 hours from 6.15pm to 9.15pm. Except for Peng You, most queues from lining up to receiving food took betwen 10-15 minutes. Not as bad as I expected. I felt like most stalls dealt with the crowds efficiently and it was a pretty orderly, well organised event overall.

The event space for the Night Noodle Markets was spread out so it never felt overly crowded unless you were walking between the stalls. There was heaps of seating sponsored by various drinks companies. There was even live art in the Schweppes tent of an artist painting a giant mural. Some of the tents had live musicians singing, and others had DJs!

I've acquired the goods. #noodlemarkets

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So close! #rotime #mamak #noodlemarkets #goodfoodmonth

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It was a great night especially seeing so many people getting into it! It was fabulous night especially with the river and the skyline in the background.

It runs for 10 more nights until July 27th! So no excuses not to head down to South Bank!

For more info, check out the website and this article for a menu!


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