Happy 2nd blog birthday!


My blog turned 2 years old yesterday!

How exciting.


A lot has happened in two years. It didn’t even start out as a 100% food blog. I still hate the word “foodie” and I’m still learning about cooking and food all the time. I still hate cutting onions and I will task it to whoever is around to avoid it (apologies to my boyfriend).

I’ve broken up with my ex-boyfriend, met my current boyfriend, started a PhD, discovered more about myself and am ever learning to come to terms with my mental health. I’ve grown up a lot since moving out of my parents house just before I started this blog too.

I’ve also met heaps of awesome people not only amongst the online food community but just online in general and made heaps of new friends! I love sharing things and having fun with it. Blogging is not a serious thing for me, it’s fun and meant to be an outlet for me to share what I’ve eaten or how I’ve made things. I enjoy doing it and not taking myself as a food blogger too seriously. Aka my frozen food series.

So thanks for sticking around or discovering this or just engaging with me and sharing things that I cook or checking out places that I’ve recommended.

Birthday fun this week with my Dad’s birthday on Wednesday! Cake credit actually goes to my Mum who made this delicious chiffon cake!

Just as a bit of fun for flashback Friday, here’s my top 5 recipe posts:

  1. “Healthy” banana and pear spice cake
  2. Miso noodle soup with egg drop, mushroom and tofu
  3. En choy (Chinese red spinach) and pork meatball soup with bean curd and Asian mushrooms
  4. Popping and rocking rocky road
  5. Chai tea porridge

I definitely hope that my blog continues to be as interesting and useful in years to come!

Without a doubt, I will always be Eating My Way Through Life.


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