Vintaged Bar and Grill – winter menu

Vintaged Bar and Grill is the restaurant tucked secretly in the Hilton Hotel at the Edward St end of the Queen St Mall. Centrally located and secret! Recently, I was invited along to check out their new winter menu.

It’s usually pretty quiet and relaxed. The bar forms part of the larger reception area of the hotel itself and is very classy. It extends to the restaurant area that is covered in glass walls to segregate different dining areas including the chef’s table and a very cool wine table, perfect for large groups.

The food here matches the environment. Classy, modern. But without the stuffiness of other fine dining restaurants. Being a hotel restaurant, you can get away with flip flops or shorts, e.g. sighted a probable FIFO worker dressed in fluoro brights dining that night.

Admittedly, I was a little confused by the affiliation of a seasonal menu change in the middle of the season but who’s to complain? Want to shake a menu up? Fine with me.

We met at the bar and nibbled on some snacks all present beautifully on cool, dark slate. Marinated whole peppers with a slightly fiery romesco sauce and bitey romano looked exceptionally elegant, serving the pepper whole was actually really smart for canapé situations! Definitely stealing this idea. The jamon serrano wrapped around fig with goats cheese curd and balsamic vinegar was a crowd favourite too.

The lovely wine table featured seafood as the centre piece – unfortunately, we were warned not to touch and eat these! A lovely amuse bouche of a wagyu bresaola parcel with a truffled potato filling satisfied us as we sat down and listened to a little intro about different cuts of meat from sous chef Dario Fiorino.

At this point, we got around to starters. Oh yes, this was just the beginning. We gobbled our way through creamy wagyu carpaccio with capers and truffle oil. To be incredibly cliché it was decadently melt-in-your-mouth. A great combination of salty (capers) and earthy (truffle, cheese). We also had Kurobuta pork with morcilla sausage and apple puree. The diced sausage provided some interesting texture with the sweet and fatty pork belly. I’m a simple girl though and would’ve been just as satisfied without it.

My favourite was the fat juicy pan-seared Hervey Bay scallops with a piquant salsa verde, which complemented the sweet scallops perfectly. These were serious scallops too, none of that 10c piece-sized nonsense. Perhaps because I never eat scallops at home, I savoured these gems all the bit more.

You can’t come to a restaurant with “grill” in it’s name without eating meat – a specialty of Vintaged. The mains were generous portions of rib eye fillet and slow cooked lamb shoulder with a selection of sides – truffle mac and cheese, creamy dauphinoise potatoes, crispy and fluffy duck fat chips and a garden salad.

The juicy and tender rib eye was not ground-breaking but it was cooked perfectly. The braised, roasted and then shredded slow cooked lamb shoulder was delicious, although I found it a little dry without the jus and the squeeze of lemon. The truffle mac and cheese was the stuff of dreams. Creamy, cheesy and earthy from the truffle. An excellent hearty side that I could’ve just eaten it all if I wasn’t already struggling to finish the meat.

And then the cheese cart. An excellent mix of locally sourced cheese (brie, gorgonzola, cheddar..) with poached pears, fresh fig, jams and housemade crackers. I often go for dessert to finish but ending a fantastic meal with cheese is a very good change of pace. Vintaged take their cheeses seriously and go out of their way to make cheese an excellent option.

Yet another wonderful dinner at Vintaged Bar and Grill. I’ve yet to leave unsatisfied and unimpressed. Definitely worth a visit if you’re wanting a decent meal in the CBD. Easily the best option in Queen St Mall.

They have a great $35 dinner option that includes a main and a drink too. Suss out further details of all their specials here.

Vintaged Bar and Grill
Open 7 days a week
Lunch: 12pm – 2pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (from 5.30pm on Friday and Saturday)
Hilton Brisbane hotel, Level 6, 190 Elizabeth St (entrance also on Queen St Mall via lifts)
Vintaged Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon

I was an invited guest on behalf of KDPR and Vintaged Bar and Grill.


3 thoughts on “Vintaged Bar and Grill – winter menu

  1. I’ve been here twice. Once with Kate, once with a brother, my sister and her husband. Have been very impressed both times.

    Our family spent quite a bit of time at the Hilton when we were kids because mum worked there. While I will miss the buffet dinners at the Atrium, Vintaged is a great place.


      • It’s interesting to realise as a kid that hotels aren’t just rooms and restaurants but that there’s a whole world behind the scenes, with freight elevators, linen, food being made, transported and cleaned up, etc.

        We got to see a fair bit of the offices where my mum worked, with computers on desks (it was the early-mid 1990s), as well as getting to do a bit of travel behind the scenes in freight elevators. One of my most vivid memories is trying to get up to the upper levels to explore. We spent time as kids riding elevators, but to get up to 22-25 you needed a swipe key, which they only handed out to guests in those floors. We didn’t know what was up there, but it had to be pretty good to lock it away from the other guests. Eventually we visited some family friends who were staying up there and I have this idea that everything’s white marble and gold tap fittings. The suites up there were huge. I think we’d stayed one or two nights in the hotel (so our parents could have some space in a separate room) but we were always on the lower levels where the rooms were cheapest, so stumbling into a hotel room that was as big as a house blew my mind.

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