Give a Fork! campaign


Every now and then, you come across an idea and you think “what a flippin’ fantastic idea!” and it makes sense and is something that you like to do.

Two hours ago, I literally saw a tweet from Peppermint Magazine linking to a promotional article about the Give a Fork! campaign by Sustainable Table.

Immediately I knew this was my kinda thing. It combines food, friends, parties and a great charitable cause.

I don’t pretend I’m a saint when it comes to food. I sometimes buy things from Coles. Increasing my ranking on the list of those going to hell. It’s 200m away from my house and I can reduce my carbon footprint by walking there instead of driving. I even buy home brand products because they’re cheaper. Double sin. Let the floods wash away my sinful soul.

I like to think that I make small ripples in the pond as opposed to tidal waves overturning and emptying out my cupboards to replace things with organic, sustainable, local food.

Give a Fork!Hosting dinner parties for charity is not a novel idea either. You can have your grandiose events hosted at fancy hotels and call it a charity ball and make everyone dress up and be surrounded by already privileged people who may only be there for status. Or you can have a dinner party in your own home. But what sets apart Give a Fork! and why am I so excited?

Give a Fork! is a challenge to have a waste-free dinner party.

And just like the Five in Five dating campaign I did in 2013, I like to challenge myself.

Already I recycle as much as possible. I’ll fish out the toilet roll from the bin to put it in recycling. I’ll try to minimise waste by reusing and re-purposing. I’ll try to buy things that aren’t individually packaged if there’s another option.

The idea of reducing waste is just as important as buying locally and ethically. They are all ripples in the pond. They are all able to make an impact.

Already I have ideas of what I can do! My mind is in overdrive thinking of all the possibilities. Potato skins, coriander roots, prawn heads!

You can get involved by hosting your own party, donating directly to the cause, or eating at participating restaurants (Syd and Melb only) or even just sharing the word.

I’m not going to put a whole lot of information in this post. The Give a Fork! website does a much, much better job of it.

Check it out:


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