Watt Restaurant and Bar

The Brisbane Powerhouse features two in-house restaurants. Surprisingly after years of going to shows at the Brisbane Powerhouse, an iconic piece of Brisbane’s history on the river, I’ve never actually taken the time to sit down at eat at Watt Restaurant and Bar. I’ve had drinks, small bar snacks but I’ve never eaten there. A serious missed opportunity in hindsight.

Two weeks ago, I was invited by My City Life, to sample the new summer menu. Inspired by the waterfront and seasonal produce, the menu draws upon a lot of seafood and from that, it boasts a lot of Asian-inspired flavours that pairs perfectly with summer heat.

Amongst a small group of other bloggers, we enjoyed a very large selection of smaller bar snack plates which caters for most diners who want nibbles before and after shows. I happily sipped on my strawberry and mint mocktail while others enjoyed cocktails.

There were more traditional snacks like olives with feta and grissini as well as a trio of housemade dips with turkish bread. In a homage to their Asian inspiration, dishes like five spice squid and Thai fish cakes are included. The squid was crunchy and tender but it was a little ordinary. The Thai fish cakes were spicier than expected – happily welcomed by me but perhaps not by others. Think lots of coriander, chilli and lime. Screams summer for me. The roast duck spring rolls were generously meaty served with a tangy plum sauce. The popcorn chicken was not as crunchy as I’d like but I loved that it was served with a mildly spiced yellow peanut curry (more like a runnier satay sauce). Delicious combination. One of the more flavourful dishes.

More adventurous offerings like the honey cured salmon with radish salad and crostini was a refreshing (and healthier!) change from the fried offerings. My favourite dish out of the starters although the honey aspect was lost amongst the oily fish. I didn’t get a picture of this elegant dish – finely diced, vibrant-coloured pink salmon, wafer thin circles of pink radish juxtaposed with circles of crostini, on a dark slate board. Beautiful!

You’d think I’d be sick of salmon but I couldn’t pass up the crispy skin salmon served with potato, peas and mint salsa for my main. Another elegantly simple dish with a Scandinavian feel. The salmon was cooked perfectly. The skin maintained it’s crispiness to the last bite. Bliss. Little scoops of the potato salad sat in mini leaves of cos lettuce. I wanted to eat it like a canapé! A nice sophisticated contrast from the other dishes like the eye fillet steak, fish and chips and the seafood linguini (which looked like the ultimate comfort food). A glass of Vinaceous pinot grigio was lovely with the dish too – nothing too dry for a warm summer’s night.

The wonderful Watt garden salad comprised of green beans, radish, roasted capsicum and avocado with a hazelnut dressing. A light, healthy salad without an abundance of lettuce or a crazy, trendy superfood grain in sight. I love that this salad could’ve been a meal on it’s own!

By this point, stomachs were happily satisfied but my stomach ALWAYS finds space for dessert. I had my eye of the crème brulee tart since I perused the menu. It was served with poached rhubarb, strawberries and mint. The fruit was a little bit tart (pun intended!) in a good way, preventing an overdose in sugar. The crème brulee tart reminded me of a custard tart with the added bonus of that wonderfully thin, glass-like shell. Cracking through that layer instills a child-like glee in me, every time. Well worth saving space for this dessert.

A glass or two of chilled wine or a cocktail, seafood and river views make Watt Restaurant and Bar a great place for lazy summer days. They’re looking to expand their main meal options giving you even more choice too! Check out their menu here. Delicious alfresco dining in summer in an iconic location. A true place to revel in some Brisbane appreciation.

Watt Restaurant and Bar
Open Monday – Friday: 9am to late
Saturday & Sunday: 8am to late
119 Lamington Street, New Farm

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** I dined as a guest on behalf of Watt Restaurant and Bar and My City Life. 


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