Bucci turns 3!

Bucci is one of my favourite James St restaurants. I’ve not eaten at any other place in James St as many times as Bucci (at least 4 or 5 times!). In fact, that’s probably how many of their past diners have felt too and which is why three years on, they’re celebrating their 3rd birthday.

In light of Bucci turning 3, they decided to throw a huge party with the help of some 300 invited guests and Lucid Media for organising the event. Bucci went all out to ensure a night of good food, good company and good drinks!

With a mix of television hosts and very fashionable people, I was a very lucky (and slightly out-of-depth) guest and got to brought along my +1, Sarah (Twitter friend and fellow foodo – find her here) for a fun girly date!

They serve damn good modern Italian food that doesn’t make me feel out of place and isn’t obscenely expensive. The open, just off-the-street dining area makes it wonderful for people watching any time of the day. It’s also incredibly welcoming with the kitchen visible from the street and kicks any pretentiousness you may find elsewhere in James Street to the curb.

They’re passionate about their food and it shows in the details even at a huge party!

Gnocchi with generous servings of a rich, hearty meat ragu. Almost a meal on its own.

Bright, citrusy ceviche using sustainable Mulloway, an inoffensive, mild, soft textured fish from northern NSW. Garnished with a sliver of crispy fish skin. See? The details. They got it covered.

The most tender piece of carpaccio with a squeeze of truffle mascarpone. A heady combination atop garlicky toast. Sarah and I had about 5 of these.. each.

Oysters with a tomato-chilli granita – think frozen bloody mary. I’ve never had oysters like this before and it was such a refreshing way to enjoy oysters.

Then the most juicy, perfect lamb chops you’ll ever have with a vibrant green pesto. The lamb was the right amount of smokey, the fat just melted in the mouth and was sweet. Actual OMG moments were exchanged through groaning and eye contact between Sarah and I as we bit into these. I’m not even exaggerating or trying to write erotic fanfic here.

Part way through the night before the desserts came out, the party kicked up a notch with Sambalicious dancers who shimmied and shook their hips to the sound of Latino music complete with whistle blows. It felt very Mardi Gras and it was great. I’m all for cross-cultural experiences despite South America and Italy being completely on opposite ends of the world.

The true highlight of the night (apart from dat lamb) was this crazy, magical dessert wonderland full of chocolate truffle rocks, fairy floss trees, lollipops, and more.

Excuse me while I have a moment.

There was also another dessert option – just in case it wasn’t enough. Soft, fluffy balls of fried doughnuts (zeppole) with an orange-y (Cointreau??) chocolate dipping sauce. Addictive. And in bountiful amounts. To feed my newly formed addiction.

Here’s the internal guts of one of the giant gold-foil covered chocolate balls. A dream come true. I love candy like nothing else. And it’s a genuine weakness and I had to consciously stop myself before I ate it all.

They’ve recently released a new menu and it’s the perfect excuse to return another day. I can’t wait to try it.

Until then, happy birthday and here’s to many more years!

Bucci Restaurant
15 James Street, Fortitude Valley
7 days a week, 12 to 3pm / 5.30pm to late
Bucci on Urbanspoon

** Sarah and I were invited guests on behalf of Lucid Media and Bucci Brisbane. **



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