Red Robin Supper Truck

I have a soft spot for the Red Robin Supper Truck. Not just because I helped sponsor it’s creation along with 181 other supporters.

It’s an amalgamation of the creative minds of Rory Doyle (ex-Pawpaw Cafe and founder of the ridiculously popular Red Robin Supper Club pop-up dinners) and Patience Hodgson and John Patterson (of The Grates/musicians/Southside Tea Room owners/husband and wife). You know it’s in good hands.

After sponsoring their Pozible campaign, I decided to reap the benefits of my donation in their second week of opening. Sweet, delicious benefits.

The big red truck is permanently parked out the back of Death Valley Bar (just next door to Southside Tea Room). It’s like a shiny, red beacon of glory as you step through the dark bar onto the back deck. For a Wednesday night, the place is already half full with only 4 picnic-style tables and benches available for seating.

As much as I love perfectly compositioned food, there’s something about being served food out of a red plastic basket that says, “Enjoy me. Dig in and get messy”.

The menu changes depending on ingredients so you never quite know what’s in store (but you can have a sneak peak on their Instagram/Facebook if you’re savvy).

Nic and I opt to choose a few dishes to share but the menu can work for those who want don’t want to share.

We started off with coconut crumbed deep fried eggplant which comes with a bangin’ dipping sauce that’s sort of like nuoc cham but with 10 times more kick. Fish sauce, chilli, garlic, ginger  and whatever else voodoo magic called for. Salty, sweet, spicy, and perfect with the herb salad that’s like a fresh kiss of mint, red onion and coriander. Minty-onion fresh breath. A wonderful complement to the crunchy eggplant.

I ordered 6 crispy buffalo wings. Crispy on the outside and juicy and saucy on the inside. When you bite in, the sauce comes trickling out. HOW?!? More of the aforementioned voodoo magic is involved here and I like it. I’m a sucker for buffalo wings but they’re usually drowned in sauce and you lose that crispiness immediately. This version is fantastic.

The heat factor is medium hot (in my opinion) so it’s pleasantly enjoyable with a spicy kick but without worrying about burning the lining of your stomach. The creamy ranch sauce is good too. But seriously, these wings stand alone juuust fine. My only mistake is that I should’ve ordered more.

The viet dog was a big surprise. Not that I doubted its potential but I definitely underestimated it. With Rory behind the stove, you’ll know that he won’t hold back on SE Asian flavours. His menu reflects this with curries and other dishes featuring from time to time. Keen.

The sweet, fatty, homogenous texture of the frankfurter worked surprisingly well with what is otherwise essentially a Vietnamese banh mi. The meat is very similar to the traditional Vietnamese sausage/deli meat and it works perfectly. Served with fries – just like any other hot dog. Absolutely loaded with crispy pickled veg, crunchy fried onions, a drizzle of mayo and stuffed with creamy pate, this viet hot dog is my new favourite fusion food that I didn’t know could exist.

My boyfriend, the cheeseburger aficionado, orders the cheeseburger. He likens the RRST burger to a Hungry Jack’s burger except made with better tasting ingredients. A good smear of mustard, ketchup, pickles and a charred, juicy meat patty. Every ingredient is there with a purpose. Not a limp leaf of lettuce in sight. A solid burger with a delicious melty cheese (harder to find than you think). I mean, just look at that cheese. That charred up bun. Very good burg. The shoestring fries? They’re good too.

ALL this food totaled up to $39 for two people and we ate a heck load of food because I wanted everything. Good suburban prices for tasty as heck street food. I can see this being the ultimate Sunday session place to end a week.

This kind of small suburban/cool people hang out is my kind of place. Low key and chill with good tunes, good food. It’d be a great place to kick back with friends over a few beers (10 rotating taps!).

Red Robin has ditched the wings and has a red, shiny metal ass now. It’s definitely worth the trip out this way.

Red Robin Supper Truck
639B Wynnum Road, Morningside
Open Wednesday – Sunday: 5pm to 9pm

Red Robin Supper Truck on Urbanspoon


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