Recipe: Coconut panna cotta

Panna cotta is a creamy milky jelly dessert which means “cooked cream” in Italian.

It is usually served flipped out onto a plate with a slight little bulge around where the panna cotta meets the plate. It wobbles. Like my little belly. I don’t even know if it’s a thing but “the wobble test” is something I conduct every time I eat a panna cotta. Continue reading


I’m back!

After weeks of procrastination, a holiday in Melbourne and then an unexpected 4-day stay in hospital, I’m coming back to blogging.

Coincidentally, after letting @WeAreBrisbane fall back I’m enlisting some help and going to get that up and running again too.

The slump of looking for work leaves little to be inspired but hopefully things will turn around!

Here’s to eating more, blogging more and staying away from hospital food!


Recipe: Eggplant Parmigiana

Parmigiana. The quintessential pub meal. Whether or not you call it a parmy or a parma, this dish of delicious deep-fried crumbed meat (usually chicken) slathered with a rich tomato-sauce and cheese can be found in nearly every pub in Australia. Seriously. I dare you to prove me wrong.

Our love for parmigiana knows no bounds. For the vegetarian, other substitutes have popped up. Eggplant, mushroom even. BUT did you know parmigiana is traditionally made with eggplant?! Cheers Wikipedia. Continue reading

Red Robin Supper Truck

I have a soft spot for the Red Robin Supper Truck. Not just because I helped sponsor it’s creation along with 181 other supporters.

It’s an amalgamation of the creative minds of Rory Doyle (ex-Pawpaw Cafe and founder of the ridiculously popular Red Robin Supper Club pop-up dinners) and Patience Hodgson and John Patterson (of The Grates/musicians/Southside Tea Room owners/husband and wife). You know it’s in good hands.

After sponsoring their Pozible campaign, I decided to reap the benefits of my donation in their second week of opening. Sweet, delicious benefits.

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Roti Place

Roti Place is a new Malaysian restaurant in the Brisbane CBD. I was tipped off about their existence and their grand opening by a fellow food blogger. And boy was I excited! It even made my parents excited enough to come into the city, which they never do!

It’s a month later after quietly opening that they have their “grand opening”. A nice change from venues which push themselves to the limit before they get their service and kitchen sorted out.

The restaurant is in the same building as Jackpot Dining which I think will prove to be a huge competitor since they also offer takeaway options for CBD workers. Plus, it’s new and shiny. There are plenty of seating options inside and outside as well as booths for larger groups.

We are seated almost immediately – much to our surprise considering free food is on offer! To my devastation, as we are about to order, the waitress informs us that there is no more beef rendang or curry chicken. This meant there would be no roti canai this time around. The risk of attending a grand opening with the offer of free food 1.5 hours after opening! Well played, I’ll have to return.
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Brisbane Gets Street (Food) Cred

I posted an article over on Buzzfeed today!

All about the best food truck hot spots in Brisbane.

Look, you can sit on the street waiting for a food truck to pass by or you can go right to where the best food trucks hang out in Brisbane. You’ll have more options than an all-you-can-eat buffet. Let’s hit the streets.

Originally published on Buzzfeed here.

What’s for dinner, Chef Watson?


It’s the question that people ask almost everyday. We’ve all stared into the abyss of our cupboards and fridges before pondering this.

But the act of cooking is a science in itself. Forming dishes out of dishes in a cupboard can be a potentially risky experiment. How can technology help us formulate new boundary-pushing revelations in the kitchen? Will this 3-day-old bolognese sauce compliment a random packet of udon noodles found in the pantry? Without the knowledge of past failures, your natural instincts may tell you that perhaps it’s best to keep them separated. But what if you were onto something? Continue reading