Recipe: Spiced mandarin cake with lavender syrup and cinnamon sugar

I made this cake for Youth Food Movement’s cake stall at the recent event Brisbane Film Feast.

They’re an organisation that I volunteer with. They’re all about educating and trying to make real changes in the current food system by holding events as well as various campaigns and workshops to discuss and change current practices with producers, farmers, policymakers, etc. I love what they do and as a 24-year-old youth, I care about our future and really hope that our generation can make the world a better place.

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The Summit Restaurant & Bar

**Note: I was an invited guest on behalf of My City Life, The Summit restaurant and Brisbane Lights Tours.

Recently I received a mysterious email from My City Life pertaining to a secret location dinner. Points for building the hype!

On the night, our group of media folk were whisked away by the family-run Brisbane Lights Tours group from our CBD pick up point (The Sebel Brisbane). Told nothing of our destination, our only hint was that it would provide a good view of Brisbane. On the bus ride, we nibbled on a prawn rice paper roll as a light appetiser as we hypothesised over the location. We were led through a convoluted route through the streets of Ashgrove and eventually, we found our way up to The Summit Restaurant at Brisbane lookout, Mt Coot-tha! Continue reading

Papa Jack’s revisited – new papa!

Papa Jack’s has found a new Papa (head chef)

** Note: I was an invited guest on behalf of Papa Jack’s. 

Keeping with their Creole-inspired roots in the deep south, new Head Chef Nathan Wood brings a revamped food and drinks menu. I was recently invited along for a media menu launch to try some of their best dishes. Some are new cuts of meat (pork short ribs which are meatier and easier to handle) while others are just popular combinations (chicken and waffles with maple syrup, yo!). It may seem they’re moving away from French influences (no more crab souffle) but that doesn’t mean their menu lacks refinement.

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Lunch on the go.

Girl eats plain lettuce.
Sometimes I eat dull things too.
Running out the door this morning, I ripped the base off a cos lettuce for a “healthy lunch”.

I’ve been doing some serious job applications lately so I’ve been neglectful on the blog front.

I’ll have a blog post coming up this week of the new menu I was invited to try from Papa Jack’s though! Continue reading

Happy 3rd blog birthday!

3 years of “Eating My Way Through Life”. Although, let’s be honest, I’ve been doing that since 1990.

I’m looking at ways to expand my blog. Literally. I’m running out of allotted WordPress memory. This has held me back in blogging about my holidays (last year in Taiwan/Singapore and this year in Melbourne).

Let me know your suggestions.

I am constantly confronted with real life situations in which a blog business card has been necessary. I’m often jokingly chastised by fellow bloggers for not having one. I don’t have one and I don’t really feel my blog is professional enough to reflect having such a professional regard to my ” blogging brand”. This is all personal fun for me. I invest zero money into it — only time.

So, who knows. Maybe I’ll cave in. Throw some coins at WordPress. Throw business cards in everyone’s face over the next year.

Thanks for sticking tight, friends, readers, strangers.

Brisbane Good Food Month 2015

The 2015 Brisbane Times Good Food Month begins today!

July 9 – August 9

The full website is here. You can directly download the official program here.


My top 3 things to check out:

  1. Night Noodle Markets. Last year’s inaugural event (blogged here) was a hit. Loved it. Aiming to go multiple times over the 12 nights that it’s running from July 22 – August 2.
  2. Bar Hop. Yet again, Tanqueray gin is a sponsor. This year offering a gin-based cocktail and a bar snack for a cool $20 at various locations. I wonder how many of these I can do..
  3. Good Dinners Under $30. Budget-friendly two-course dinners. Say no more.

Happy month ahead!

Recipe: Apple tarte tatin

Have you ever looked at a dessert and just gone, “Yes. This is sexy/beautiful/amazing. I am a genius!” No? Just me? Well, you will with this fancy-sounding French dessert. Apple tarte tatin, essentially an upside-down apple tart, is a cinch to make.

One evening, I had the cravings for a warm dessert now that it’s getting cooler. I had limited ingredients available to me and I cbf’d going to the supermarket to get extra ingredients. To be honest, I didn’t have the patience either. I wanted dessert and I wanted it ASAP with as little effort as possible.

Pro tip: always have frozen puff pastry in the freezer. Continue reading